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Hi I’m Kevin Bright, as the owner and operator, I bring over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry, and yes, the 1958 Corvette is mine – I restored it from the ground up starting in 2005 and finished in 2012. I started the restoration as a retirement gift/collaboration with my father – who was planning to retire in 2013. Unfortunately, my father took ill and passed away in the late summer of 2012. Supreme Lube is its new permanent home. I will put her on display as weather permits for all to admire and appreciate as a beautiful car of days gone by. Feel free to take a picture with it when your here and post it to your social media pages. We love sharing these classic cars with everyone.


Hopefully it is clear that I love cars, I love working on them, and have an exceptional, supportive team that joins me in my passion.


Come in and meet us: Ashlie, Daniel, Bob, Launie, Lillie and myself. We are all here to help you maintain your vehicle. We follow a mission of improving each other’s lives and improving your life as a client. We don’t always get everything right, but we pledge that when we do miss something, (shocking I know, but it happens), we will make it right.

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